Investor Relations

Market Space Solutions OÜ released bonds (convertible bonds) on the Baltic branch of NASDAQ exchange platform; ISIN: 3300.111772

Accommodation Details:

  • Bonds are only available to institutional / qualified investors. The bonds are denominated in Euros since they were issued on the European NASDAQ platform.
Bonds of Marketspace Solutions OÜ can be bought by two types of investors:
  • Institutional investors (legal entities, which usually include pension and investment funds, insurance companies, credit unions).
  • Qualified investors (an individual or legal entity that is recognized as capable of conducting operations on the securities market in relation to those types of financial instruments and services that are intended only for qualified investors; the criteria for qualified investors in different countries are different, usually these are investors with whom professional brokers can work with)
Selling bonds to institutional and qualified investors is a non-public process and begins after their written request by email:
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